Jinxin was founded by our president Mr.Lin Wenjin in 1992,an innovator and manufacturer for disposable products.


Jinxin is a leading provider offering research and development,manufacturing and logistics services of single-use products.


Jinxin makes no commitment to update or correct any information that appears on the Internet.

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Founded by our president Mr.Lin Wenjin in 1992, Taizhou Jinxin is an innovator and manufacturer for quality disposable products.Our main products including plastic fork, knife, spoon, coffee stirrer, cutlery set, plate, cup, bowl, serving tray etc.

For over 20 years Taizhou Jinxin has been supplying the market with quality products in the Party Stores, Supermarkets, Discount Stores, Retail Stores Hotels, Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Government, Camps, Caterers.

Our products fully comply with FDA guidelines and are manufactured under GMPs. We employ a host of quality assurance procedures at each and every stage of the manufacture process, to ensure the highest level of quality throughout. From the moment we receive an order to the moment it's shipped, the order has traveled through seven stages of quality checks and procedures before shipment is made. Our commitment to quality cannot be overstated and we invite you to speak to our customers, some of the world's best companies, about our quality, service and commitment.Thank you for learning about our company. We hope to hear from you soon.

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